How A Toronto Electrical Contractor Can Help Choose The Right Panel

How A Toronto Electrical Contractor Can Help Choose The Right Panel

Any electrical system needs to have an electrical panel because it is considered the gatekeeper of the electricity that is supplied to your home. Electrical panels keep you and your home safe from electricity dangers. The panels also allow energy to flow to the circuits for use. If you want to use your electricity safely, you need to get the right size of electrical panels or the circuit breakers. Here are ways a Toronto electrical contractor can help you get the right size of electrical panel for your home:

Knowing the size of a panel

Even if you won’t be working on electrical jobs, there is a good reason to know what the size of a panel is. When talking of panel size, it simply means the amp capacity. The panel you install in your home should be able to safely allow current to flow into the home without dangers. The amp capacity is used to know the amount of power that the home is able to hold.

Your energy use helps determine the amperage that you need in the home. If you reside in a single home and have few appliances, a small size panel may do just fine. An electrician can check your energy use or needs and help you decide what size of panel you want to install.

Is your panel size right or not?

The electrical panel in your home may be of the right size or not. You probably installed it long time and over the years, you have added the space in your home or done a home addition. You may also have added more appliances meaning that your energy use has increased over time. There are things that will tell if the panel size is the right one or not. For example, if you have started seeing lights flickering, it may be because the size of the panel is too small. This may happen when you turn on some heavy appliance or if you have too many things plugged in the outlets or sockets. Other signs of a wrong-sized panel are such as frequent breaker trips and hot outlets.

Why choose the right electrical panel
The most important reason you want to have the right panel is for the safety of your home. When your energy use is too high and the breaker is tripping or the outlets are becoming hot, it presents a danger. You need to have an audit of your electrical system so that the right panel size is determined. The electrician you call in will look at various things including the appliances in place, the current panel size, and the outlets you have. You will also minimize repair costs when you have the right panel. Most breakdowns of electrical systems are because of overloads and the panel can help solve that problem.

Keep your family safe and protect your home by ensuring you install the right panel of your electrical system. You may want to hire a qualified Toronto commercial electrician to assess your home’s electrical needs and determine whether you should upgrade the panel or not.

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